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The game Oregon Trail has always been geared toward students, and this website was created for you. It’s a place where you can learn more about the Oregon Trail and also play the old but very popular Oregon Trail game and all of its spin-offs. Enjoy Oregon Trail for students.

I believe that learning about the history of the United States can be an incredible adventure, and the Oregon Trail game offers a unique perspective on it.

Should you encounter any issues while playing the games, or if you’d like to customize the controls (especially for mobile and tablet users) to enhance your gaming experience, don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

Your feedback is valuable, and I am here to make sure your educational journey is not only informative but enjoyable. Thank you!

Oregon Trail For Students

Oregon Trail for students

The Oregon Trail series, comprising classic computer games, has its roots dating back to 1971 and was officially launched by MECC in 1974.

Developed by Bill Heinemann, Don Rawitsch, and Paul Dillenberger, these straightforward games were designed as educational tools to teach schoolchildren about the experiences of 19th-century pioneers embarking on the Oregon Trail.

Today, the series is readily accessible directly in your web browser. You can also enjoy it on your mobile or tablet, or in a traditional web browser, at any time and from anywhere.

What about other games?
Can I play those as well?

This website will exclusively feature games from the Oregon Trail series and a few other spin-offs, such as the Yukon Trail game.