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The Yukon Trail

The Yukon Trail is a 1994 educational computer game developed by the Minnesota Educational Computing Consortium (MECC).

The Yukon Trail is a spiritual successor to the renowned Oregon Trail series, but it transports players to the Klondike Gold Rush of the late 19th century. In this interactive adventure, players embark on a journey that commences in Seattle, as they make critical decisions about supplies, choosing a partner, and planning their travel to Alaska.

Their ultimate goal is to navigate treacherous waters, arrive at Dawson City, and stake their claim to mine for gold. The game is enriched by the presence of the famous author, Jack London, and authentic 19th-century photographs that provide a vivid glimpse into life during that era.

The Klondike Gold Rush Adventure

The game kicks off in Seattle in August 1897, just before the actual Klondike Gold Rush. Players are faced with the initial task of selecting one of four potential partners, each offering unique advantages. Afterward, they purchase tickets for a ship to either Skagway or Dyea.

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The cost of tickets varies depending on the departure date, making immediate departures more expensive, while later departures are more budget-friendly. Players can also choose to buy equipment and supplies or wait until they reach Alaska.

However, it’s wise to be cautious when seeking advice from their partner, as their suggestions may not always be the best.

Upon arriving at Skagway or Dyea, players can buy supplies, engage in gambling, or gather vital information. The gambling options involve a War card game or a shell game, but luck might not always be on your side. Fortunately, you can disable gambling in the game settings.

As you embark on your journey, you must decide between the White Pass Trail, which is longer but easier, and the Chilkoot Trail, which is shorter but more challenging.

Additionally, players have the option to hire packers in these cities to transport their supplies to the respective trails, though this service comes at a significant cost and might not be accessible for everyone.

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The Trail: A Test of Decision-Making

The Yukon Trail is a game of decision-making skills. At various points along the trail, players are presented with numerous choices, each with potential consequences.

One critical decision is the amount of load to carry personally. A smaller load allows for shorter daily distances, but the journey becomes significantly more challenging as winter approaches.

On the other hand, a larger load increases the risk of injuries to the player or their partner.

Midway through the trail, players and their partners stop at a camp where they can buy or sell goods before ascending the mountain pass leading to the Canada-US border. Here, they must pay a toll to enter the Yukon Territory, and the North-West Mounted Police enforce strict rules.

They require each person to carry 1,000 pounds of food and impose taxes on imported goods. Failure to meet these requirements results in losing the money you have.

Throughout the journey, you’ll encounter various random events, such as injuries, food theft, rockslides, crowded conditions, abandoned animals, and sudden adverse weather. These events add an element of unpredictability to the game and challenge players to adapt to changing circumstances.

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Periodically, players stop at landmarks along the way, where they can delve into the historical facts about each location. These landmarks include the Dead Horse Trail, totem poles, and three notable rapids: Miles Canyon, White Horse Rapids, and Five Finger Rapids.

The River: Navigating the Yukon

Upon reaching Bennett Lake in Canada, players meet the legendary Mountie Sam Steele. During the winter months, they must acquire a whipsaw if they don’t already have one and build one of three types of boats.

Once spring arrives and the ice melts, players and their partners can set sail. The date of their arrival at Lake Bennett determines whether Sam Steele permits an immediate departure or requires a brief wait.

The speed on the river is determined by the type of boat chosen and its condition. Players can select from a dinghy, a raft, or a canoe. Each boat type has its advantages and disadvantages. The dinghy is balanced, the raft is slower but handles well, and the canoe is fast but requires skillful handling.

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Along the river, players can engage in mini-games to navigate away from rocks and whirlpools. After these challenges, players can decide whether to repair the boat or build a different one.

Arriving in Dawson City, players receive a map of mining claims they can stake. Here, they meet Nellie Cashman and author Jack London. Once a claim is staked, the search for gold begins. As winter arrives, the game concludes, and players’ scores are determined by their total earnings, including gold mined.

While most claims yield modest amounts of gold, staking a claim at Cheechako Hill guarantees a prosperous outcome. Historically, this hill was initially overlooked by prospectors, earning its name from the term ‘cheechako,’ which referred to newcomers. However, it proved to be a goldmine with rich deposits.


The Yukon Trail offers a thrilling and educational experience that takes players on a historical journey through the Klondike Gold Rush. It challenges decision-making skills and offers a taste of the hardships and adventures faced by gold seekers during this era.

With rich historical details and engaging gameplay, it’s a remarkable addition to the educational gaming genre.

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Playing The Yukon Trail online

The Yukon Trail game is accessible online on the web via web browser.

Whether you’re at home, at work, or at school, all you need to do is open your web browser and play this educational game to experience a piece of American history.

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