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The Oregon Trail Deluxe

The Oregon Trail Deluxe takes us back to the 19th century, inviting players to embark on a challenging journey across the Rocky Mountains, just like the settlers of that era.

This journey is none other than the famous Oregon Trail, and it is not for the faint-hearted. The game beautifully encapsulates the hardships, decisions, and triumphs that these brave pioneers faced on their historic expedition.

A Pioneering Educational Game

Back in 1971, The Oregon Trail was conceived as an educational tool. It was designed to provide schoolchildren with insights into the arduous lives of 19th-century pioneers who undertook the grueling Oregon Trail journey.

Fast forward a few years, and this educational game became a phenomenon that transcended classroom boundaries. Many of those who grew up in the 1980s remember it vividly as a game that was challenging, unforgiving, and seemingly unconquerable.

Families often gathered to play, and students at school even competed to see who could progress furthest without succumbing to the game’s many perils.

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A Journey Through Time

The Oregon Trail Deluxe, which you can experience here, is an enhanced version of the original game.

As you embark on this journey, you assume the role of a wagon leader, guiding a group of settlers from Independence, Missouri, to Oregon’s Willamette Valley.

It’s 1848, and the Oregon Trail stretches before you, offering adventure, danger, and plenty of decision-making. Your choices encompass acquiring supplies, resource management, and determining the best route to your destination.

Along the way, you’ll face challenges like hunting for food, crossing treacherous rivers, and dealing with unpredictable events like storms and diseases.

Choose Your Destiny

As you start your journey, you must select your character’s profession: a banker from Boston, a carpenter from Ohio, or a farmer from Illinois. Each profession offers a different amount of starting money for purchasing supplies.

Be mindful of this choice, as it will influence the course of your adventure.

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A Trail Full of Landmarks

The Oregon Trail is not just a simple road. It’s divided into segments, each concluding at a significant landmark, be it a river crossing or a fort. At these landmarks, you’ll make pivotal decisions, such as acquiring supplies or conversing with fellow travelers.

Among the landmarks you’ll encounter are Kansas River, Big Blue River, Fort Kearney, Chimney Rock, and many others. The choices you make at these locations will significantly impact your journey.

Survival of the Fittest

Survival on the Oregon Trail hinges on your ability to gather resources. You’ll need oxen to pull the wagon, food to nourish your party, clothing to keep everyone warm, ammunition for hunting, and spare parts to mend any wagon breakdowns.

As you progress, you’ll notice that the cost of supplies increases. On the trail, you might also have the option to take shortcuts, bypassing landmarks in the hope of reaching your destination more quickly.

Hunting for Survival

Hunting plays a vital role in your journey. With the guns and bullets you’ve acquired during the game, you can choose to hunt wild animals to bolster your food supplies. In the original version of the game, players assumed the role of the wagon leader, aiming a rifle in one of eight directions to take shots at animals.

Later versions introduced a crosshair controlled by the mouse or touchscreen, adding a new level of interactivity. Overhunting, however, can deplete the game’s wildlife, affecting hunting opportunities later in the journey.

The Unpredictable Nature of the Trail

Your party’s health and well-being are never guaranteed on the Oregon Trail. As you travel, random events can occur, such as storms, illnesses, and injuries to your party members. The dangers are numerous, from snakebites and exhaustion to diseases like measles, typhoid, cholera, and dysentery.

Even accidental injuries and drowning are ever-present threats to your party’s survival. Your oxen are not immune to misfortune either, adding yet another layer of unpredictability to your journey.

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Survive and Thrive

Upon reaching your destination, your score is calculated based on several factors.

The condition of your family members, the supplies that remain, and your available cash all contribute to your score. The profession you chose for your party’s leader also plays a role in this calculation.

The Oregon Trail on the Web and Mobile

Now you can play The Oregon Trail Deluxe online, right from your web browser.


The Oregon Trail Deluxe game continues to be a beacon of nostalgia and educational gameplay.

The Oregon Trail Deluxe allowing players young and old to experience the challenges, adventures, and history of the Oregon Trail. Whether you’re crossing rivers, hunting for food, or facing unpredictable events, the game offers an engaging blend of strategy and decision-making.

Play The Oregon Trail Deluxe online

So, if you haven’t had the opportunity to embark on this historic journey, now is the perfect time.

Play The Oregon Trail Deluxe online, and let the pioneer spirit guide your path to success.

  1. this is a great game, although for some people i feel this may be not very challenging (me included!!) i played this for the first time as a doctor and won with everyone healthy and it was easy. My brother than did the same thing, and so did my friend. We all made it onto the list of legends (Elle Coyle). I have also recently completed this easily as a saddle-maker, one of the more difficult options, and still completed it easily. I have heard stories of people trying for years to beat this game and i was really hoping for a more difficult challenge than the one I was given. Overall, good game for some, but possibly too easy for others.

  2. This is a really great and fun game. It can be challenging at times but overall super fun 🙂 I 100% recemend this game.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Oregon Trail Deluxe, and what is its historical significance?

The Oregon Trail Deluxe is an educational computer game based on the famous Oregon Trail. It's historically significant as it educates players about the challenging lives of 19th-century pioneers who embarked on this perilous journey.

How does the game work, and what's the objective of playing it?

The game puts you in the shoes of a wagon leader guiding settlers from Missouri to Oregon in 1848. Your goal is to manage resources, make decisions, and lead your party to success by overcoming various challenges along the Oregon Trail.

What are the different professions available in the game, and how do they impact gameplay?

Players can choose to be a banker, carpenter, or farmer, each with varying starting money. This choice influences the difficulty and resource management in the game.

What landmarks and challenges can players expect to encounter on the Oregon Trail?

The Oregon Trail features significant landmarks such as river crossings, forts, and more. Players must make vital decisions at these locations, shop for supplies, and face challenges like hunting for food and managing resources.

How does hunting work in the game, and what role does it play in survival?

Hunting is crucial for gathering food during the journey. Players can hunt wild animals to add to their food supplies. The hunting system has evolved over the different versions of the game, offering various experiences.

What factors contribute to a player's score at the end of the game, and how does profession choice affect it?

A player's score is determined by various factors, including the health of their party members, remaining supplies, and available cash. The profession chosen at the start also influences the final score, offering replay value and variety in gameplay.