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Oregon Trail II

Oregon Trail II, an educational video game crafted by MECC in 1995, takes players on a riveting journey back in time.

Published by Learning Company, it’s a reimagined edition of the original The Oregon Trail video game. The game’s development was overseen by Wayne Studer, an American Studies PhD, who aimed to make it more inclusive by giving greater roles to women and racial minorities.

To celebrate its enduring legacy, MECC released a special 25th Anniversary Limited Edition of the Oregon Trail II Computer Game. This limited edition included a CD-ROM, an official strategy guide, and a certificate of authenticity, all elegantly housed in a commemorative wooden storage box.


Oregon Trail II‘s development journey brought forth a game with significantly enhanced graphics compared to its predecessor.

The game introduced more detailed events such as diseases (dysentery, measles, cholera, and others), challenging obstacles along the trail, accidents during travel, and engaging interactions with fellow wagon trains, requiring players to make choices that influence the outcome.

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Oregon Trail II Gameplay

As players embark on their journey, they have the freedom to make various choices. They can select their name, occupation, departure date, starting point, destination, and the type of wagon they’ll use. Furthermore, they can decide who accompanies them on the trip, providing names and ages for fellow travelers.

The game also allows players to allocate skill points to improve their chances during the adventure. Skills vary in cost based on their significance, with each skill affecting the likelihood of positive or negative events occurring.

Oregon Trail II goes beyond its predecessor by offering greater depth. For example, the challenge of rafting down the Columbia River is much more substantial. Events, such as accidents or illnesses, prompt players to make choices, making the game far more interactive than before.

Go west, young man!

Moreover, players can interact with other settlers they meet on their journey, seeking advice.

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Survival is paramount in this quest. If a player’s character dies, the game comes to an abrupt end. Unlike the original, Oregon Trail II allows players to select any year from 1840 to 1860, offering a broader historical context. Travel becomes more manageable in later years due to increased towns and trading posts along the trail.

Outfitting the journey with supplies is a critical aspect of gameplay, allowing players to exercise greater control. Choosing supplies is a balancing act as adding more items adds weight to the wagon. If the weight limit is exceeded, some goods must be discarded.

The game offers an extensive array of supplies for purchase, including package deals that provide provisions for up to six months. However, numerous challenges along the trail may deplete or necessitate trading these provisions.

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Players can opt for a computer-generated package deal or customize their supplies in the towns they visit. Sometimes, specific items are only available in packages or through trading. Ensuring that you have the right equipment can significantly impact your success on this arduous journey.


Oregon Trail II is an enhanced version of the original game, offering improved graphics, sound, character voiceovers, and an overall enhanced experience.

The game provides more options and is often more entertaining than the original. However, the game itself couldn’t quite replicate the success of the first installment. It’s definitely worth trying, but many of us still end up going back to the original Oregon Trail. 😉

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Play Oregon Trail II online

Now you can play Oregon Trail II online at school, work, or at home, directly in your web browser.

  1. Love it but saving doesn`t work and sometimes I’ll encounter an error and my progress will be lost. Haven`t been able to make it through a full game because of it!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Oregon Trail II an educational game?

Yes, Oregon Trail II is an educational video game designed to provide players with insights into the challenges faced by pioneers during the 19th century.

How does Oregon Trail II differ from the original game?

Oregon Trail II offers enhanced graphics, more detailed events, and a broader range of options for players, including the ability to choose different years for their journey.

What skills can I choose for my character, and how do they impact the game?

Skills vary in cost and can affect the likelihood of both positive and negative events. Choosing the right skills can enhance your chances of success during the journey.