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How can I play games?

Simply click on the play button and wait for the game to load. Games can be played in a web browser, tablet or mobile phone.

If you play on pc, you need a keyboard and mouse.
On your mobile and tablet, you use your finger to control the game and you can use the virtual keyboard.

Is it possible to save/load game progress?

Sure! Simply save/load the game via in-game save/load system. These save states will be stored in your browser's memory.

If you want to keep save state on our server and load it later (from another web browser for example), just hit save icon on the very bottom of the page.

So you will never lose save states. ;-)


Why do I need an account?

Technically you don't need an account. But if you want to keep save states on our server, please create an account. It is because save states are assigned to account's IDs.

Registration is completely free, you don't need to pay anything.

Are your services free?

Sure. It is completely free. But you can create paid premium account and all ADs will be hidden and you will get some extra features.

You will also suppord us to create more projects like this one if you create a paid account.

How to delete my account?

Just hit "delete my account" under your account page.

How do I create a new account?

Hit sign up button on the very top of the page and insert your e-mail, nickname and password and then wait for the confirmation email which will be send to an email you provided.

Support & help

I have a problem. How can I contact you?

You can use our contact form here: contact-us or you can send us an email to contact [at] webgames [dot] app. Thank you.

I want to contribute. Is there any way how?

Sure, any contributions are very welcome. Please contact us using this contact form here: contact form

How many projects are you working on?

It depends. Sometimes we work only on one larger one, sometimes on several smaller ones. We currently have about 5 smaller projects and one big one. It will be great, wait for it.

I found a bug. How can I report it?

Please send an email to this address "support" and we will answer to you within 24 hours. Thanks.

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