The Amazon Trail
  • MECC
  • MECC
  • 1993

The Amazon Trail

The Amazon Trail is an educational computer game created by MECC. It was inspired by the popularity of The Oregon Trail, featuring the areas surrounding the Amazon River and some of its tributaries. Play The Amazon Trail online, in a web browser!

The Amazon Trail

The Amazon Trail game description

During the opening sequence, a short animation displays a person asleep in bed, coincidentally, in Peru, Indiana. They are visited during a dream by a jaguar who calls himself the jaguar of the Inca King. 

The jaguar explains that the Inca people are endangered by malaria and European explorers, and the player will be taken back in time in order to search for cinchona and deliver it to the king. 

The jaguar from the dream appears throughout the game as a hazy vision, running off a checklist of items desired by the Inca King, and offering various gloomy sentiments about the rainforest in general. 

Part of the Trail series of educational games, The Amazon Trail features a gameplay system similar to the other installments, with adventure and simulation elements. 

The player will have to choose travel guides, make travel plans, manage supplies, navigate a boat on the Amazon river, encounter many indigenous animal species, take pictures, and catch fish in order to survive the hazards of the journey. 

A unique aspect of the game is the element of traveling back in time, which allows the user to learn historical information in addition to science.

At certain points in the game, time-traveling is also available, and the player is able to meet historical characters. 

Upon the completion of the main quest, players are graded according to their gameplay style, taking into account personal activities, number of animals identified, additional gifts brought to the Inca king, etc.


Canoe up the mighty Amazon River. Spear your supper in its plentiful waters. But be careful. Some fish are poisonous.


Discover the inhabitants of one of the world's rainforest regions. Vampire bats. Passion flowers. Poison dart frogs.


Save the Inca people from an exotic disease by finding the tropical cure. Then fin the hidden Inca village.


Hungry piranha. Wild animals. Greedy conquistadors. Headhunters. Danger may be waiting for you around any bend in the twisting Amazon River. Avoid whirlpools and logs in the river. And look out for dangers you can't see!


Experience the sights and sounds of the Amazon with graphics, original music, sensational sound effects, and more than 3 hours of digitized speech. Set sail for the interactive learning adventure of a lifetime!

Play The Amazon Trail online

Uncover the secrets of the Amazon rainforest. Talk to explorers, naturalists, scientists, and Inca kings who shaped its history. 

Now you can play The Amazon Trail online, in a web browser, on your tablet or mobile phone.

  • Fairly educational
  • It's nostalgic
  • Terrible grahics
  • It is short, not challenging
  • Some technical problems

The Amazon Trail game is fairly educational involving animal Identification, problem solving and even some diplomacy when working with the native people. 

It can be a little boring, especially when all you are doing is rowing down the river for a while. 

But if you are really good at it, you can beat the game very quickly.

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