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Oregontrail.ws is a website focused mainly on the possibility of playing all "Oregon Trail" games online, in a web browser, let´s say – in a modern way. Nowadays, there are many pages where you can read a lot about the old classic Oregon Trail game, but you can not play it. Now, it is possible to play Oregon Trail in a web browser, mobile phone or tablet.

  • Frontend developer


    Andy is creator of this project, front-end web developer, lifelong player of classic games and idea maker.

  • Backend developer


    Responsible for bringing new and modern features, responsible for what Andy says :) … He loves learning new stuffs, mostly in modern programming languages.

It's been a few years since we prepared our project with online games - Play Classic Games

The project was and is still very successful and popular, so we decided to prepare several smaller projects with the most successful classic games.

Don’t just play the game. Feel it.

You are currently on one of them - oregontrail.ws

As the name of the site suggests, this site is dedicated to the game The Oregon Trail.

We have spent many hours creating the website to ensure the best experience and hassle-free gaming.

Now you can enjoy the Oregon Trail game directly in the browser, with the option to save and load.

But that's not all.

Play Oregon Trail online, everywhere

You can play Oregon Trail without any problems on your mobile phone or tablet.

We believe that you like us and show it to everyone.

We thank you!

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